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November 20, 2009

Five easy Questions with Bethany Van Delft
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Bethany Van Delft
For our inaugural edition of "Five Easy Question With...", we interviewed stand-up comedian and 2009 WICF performer Bethany Van Delft about comedy, fashion, and really bad TV.

1.)  Bethany, you are also a fashion model.  How does that lifestyle affect how you do stand up?
Some times I have the urge to walk to the edge of the stage and strike a pose in the middle of my set. Other than that, it's pretty compatible.

2.)  Would you rather get a hour long stand up special with a cable network or win a lifetime supply of the most fashionable clothes ever made?
I'd rather have the hour long cable special, which would hopefully be very wicked successful, so that I'd become very extremely rich and able to buy a lifetime supply of the most fashionable clothes ever made. 

3.)  If you could go back in time to when you started doing stand up comedy, what advice would you give yourself?
Stop what you're doing immediately, go to law school! But if I didn't listen and decided to pursue stand up comedy anyway, I'd say, "Behave like you are fearless on stage and one day you will be." 

4.)  What's one of your guiltiest pleasures?
Horrible, brain-rotting reality TV. And guilt. 

5.)  What are your plans for the next year? Where can fans see you perform, and what new projects are you excited about?
I plan on being on TV next year, hopefully the industry won't give me a hard time about it. In the meantime and also, I will be on Comedy Central Mobile's "Funaticos" sometime in early 2010, and I will be at my favorite Boston comedy clubs, The Comedy Studio, Mottley's and Tommy's Comedy Lounge. And, fingers crossed, I'll be in the WICF ;-) Check out my calendar at

Thank you Bethany!

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