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December 1, 2009

Congratulations! It's a girl!
by WomenInComedy - 0

Rachel van der Steur
Hello WICFers! My name is Rachel van der Steur, and I'll be your guest blogger for this year's festival. I'll be bringing you official announcements and updates on the festival, as well as boring you with stories about my life as an office drone, single lady, and comedy-maker. To get you started, here's a little list of facts you'll need:

1. My closet is full of shoes I've never worn.
2. Tonight, like all Tuesday nights, I watched The Biggest Loser in bed while eating an entire box of Kraft Mac and Cheese and crying.
3. I also made my own apple pie flavored vodka, because I have both a drinking problem and an eating disorder.
4. A substantial number of my male friends are people I've slept with. If you've seen me naked and still want to talk to me, I'm keeping you around, end of story.
5. I will not be satisfied with my life until I am described, unprompted, as "equal parts Fozzie Bear and Miss Piggy".

That should give you the basic idea of what you're in for. I promise to try and be funny and not too annoying. If you just can't get enough of me, please follow me on Twitter at, and come see my pet project, sketch show "I'm the Rhoda", at ImprovBoston on January 29 and February 5, 2010.


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