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December 29, 2009

Five Easy Questions with Kelly MacFarland
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This month, WICF interviews our 2009 headliner Kelly MacFarland.

What did you learn or take away from being on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend?

I truly felt like I had arrived when I landed a spot on Premium Blend. I had a blast and the experience was amazing, but in the end it was just me and a microphone. I had to be funny or it wouldn't have meant anything. I try to give each show 100% and this show wasn't any different. The next week I was playing an Elks Club. Every show is important.

Of your many other TV credits, from Tyra to the View to The Biggest Loser, which one did you most enjoy and why?

I really enjoyed my time on Biggest Loser, but I would have to say my favorite experience was a few years later on a reunion episode. I got to meet a bunch of peeps from other seasons and we all just kind of dished about it. Felt nice to talk with people who had been through the same thing as you. A close second would probably be my appearance on Larry King. He's like a puppet up close. Very animated.

Other than years of doing stand up, how did you hone your comedic voice? Any specific person, book, other thing that inspires you?

Like a lot of other little girls, I watched hours and hours of I Love Lucy and the Carol Burnett show. I used to be a horrible stand up in the beginning, but then a wise man (Tony V) told me to just be me on stage. Tell the stories the way I tell them off stage. My whole world changed. There's a fine line between stand up Kelly and the Kelly you get every day. At least I'm never confused!

You do a lot of crowd work onstage. Have you always done this, or did it take lots of practice to become comfortable with communicating on the spot with the crowd?What projects and/or shows are coming up for you that all your fans should know about

I like the crowd. We wouldn't have a show without them. I talk to the crowd because I want them to feel like they're part of the experience. It works for me and the audience seems to enjoy it. I'm currently working on a book project, touring colleges throughout the US and working the clubs. I'm having a blast. Come out and see me. We'll laugh, hug and fall in love.

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