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December 19, 2009

I want a girl who laughs for no one else.
by WomenInComedy - 4

This festival has reminded me of this conversation, which, sort of creepily, happened exactly 2 years ago:

Overheard at Anna's Taqueria

Dude: "I mean, you want a funny girl, I guess."
Guy: "Well, yeah. Like, she has to think I'm funny. She has to get my jokes. Have a sense of humor."
Dude: "Right, yeah, totally."
Guy: "But, like, you don't want a hilarious girl. She can't be super funny or anything."
Dude: "Oh, God, no. No no no. No one wants that."
Guy: "You know, like that Weezer song"
Dude: "Exactly."



  1. Similar to this, I've had dates during which the dude informed me that I didn't have a sense of humor - I wasn't laughing at his jokes. I wasn't laughing because he wasn't funny. I laugh at fart jokes. How hard is it to make me laugh? Apparently - very.

  2. All that said, it seems to me that most (not all!) of the funny women I know don't stay single long. There will always be those jerks who can't handle a woman who is funnier than they are, but there are also guys who think it's great! Every guy I've ever dated has really liked the fact that I can hang out with his friends and hold my own in a conversation.

  3. I went on an online date with a guy who said (and I quote this exactly), "I think it's great that you're funny. A lot of people tell me I'm pretty funny. Just if we're out somewhere and I'm at an 8, try to keep it at a 7." And my first thought was, "Ok, well you're hovering around a zero right now, so do you want me to take it down to negative one?"