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December 15, 2009

Witty Banter: Rachel Dratch interviewing Amy Poehler
by WomenInComedy - 2

The first in the "Witty Banter" blog series by Sheila Moeschen

This month’s BUST magazine’s cover girl is comic virtuoso and New England native Amy Poehler.  In an inspired and pretty damn funny interview with friend and former SNL-copal, Rachel Dratch, Poehler shares an interesting insight regarding the thread-worn “work/life balance” issue.  In response to Dratch’s question about her best and least favorite parts of motherhood, Poehler responds:

“My least favorite part is when women ask me how I do it. Recently a person was asking me about my schedule and, like, working mothers everywhere…and was like ‘Oh my God, How do you do it?’ And I realized that really means ‘How could you do it?’ Isn’t that interesting? I was like, ‘I want to punch you fucking right in the mouth.’ (both laugh)."

Poehler’s response poses some interesting questions: Do women involved in the comedic arts have to make different lifestyle/personal relationship choices than women working in other fields? Given that the performing arts often require erratic hours along with tiny bits of your soul now and again, how does this impact the working comedienne when it comes to family and relationships?  Are women in the comedic arts held to different standards or do they receive different treatment for their lifestyle choices? Have you every experienced a situation similar to Amy Poehler's, and did you wish she were there to get your back in the all out girl fight that ensued? Discuss.

Amy Poehler has been making the interview rounds as of late, so below is more of the delightful Ms. Poehler, again being interviewed by a fellow comic. Enjoy!

Amy Poehler on Jimmy Kimmel Live, talking about her baby, her husband, and Parks and Recreation
Woman in comedy Sheila Moeschen has a PhD in Theatre & Drama from Northwestern University with a Minor in Gender Studies. She puts theory into practice as an improv and sketch comedienne in Boston, MA.


  1. To his credit, Jimmy Kimmel didn't do that.

  2. No, he definitely didn't! I do love the way comics interview other comics though, and we needed some sort of talking pictures, you know, for the kids, so the post has been adjusted to make this abundantly clear! - Ed.