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January 12, 2010

stealing blog posts from the patriarchy
by WomenInComedy - 2

I had a conversation with my friend John last week, in which he complimented a woman by saying she had "ovaries" instead of "balls" as a way of calling her brave. He talks about it better than I can here. The long and short of it is that I don't think it does womankind any favors to accentuate the differences betwen the sexes when it comes to things that should be gender-neutral, like bravery. I prefer to be called an actor and comedian, rather than an actress and comedienne. No one should be called a "comedienne" except for Lucille Ball. I don't know why, exactly, but the word seems to fit her. And Phyllis Diller. But that's it. Anyway, I thought you guys (See? Is it bad that I called what I presume is a predominantly female readership "guys"? Language is weird.) might have something to say on the topic, so I bring it to you.

So, what say you, WICFers? Which do you have? Ovaries? Balls? Huevos rancheros? Are you a comedienne, a comedian, or a "person of comedy"? Help me figure out if I'm right about this. By which I mean "I know I'm right, please agree with me."



  1. I specifically dislike defining courage by a piece of male anatomy. Follow that train of thought and you understand why we're in Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't have balls, the're gross & hairy & super easy to damage. I like referring to "going full ute" because it's hilarious.

    I'm a comedian. One of my pet peeves is when improv troupes are introduced as an "all-female troupe" even though I know it's a marketing gimmick. I've seen plenty of "all-male" troupes that no one made a fuss about.

  2. Its funny, I'm totally with you on the ovaries vs balls thing, but when it comes to semi gender neutral things that arent actually gender neutral ("guys", "dude", "man"), I'm finding myself using them more. In our society we treat men like people and women like women so I'm trying to train my subconcious to be more like my conscious brain and treat people like people.

    I'm sure this doesnt work for everyone and there are women who dont want to be called dude, and for them I'll make exceptions of course, but if you dont express a preference, I'm all about calling you dude.