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March 25, 2010

:::MAD LIBS interviews:::
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getting to know our women in comedy:::getting to know all about them
by, WICF guest blogger: Brooke Connolly

Hello our names are: Megan Goltermann & Christine Cuddy.
And, we're a: pick-pocketing dancing duo.
We're performing at the Second Annual Women in Comedy Festival on March 25th at ImprovBoston.
We got into comedy because: our friends couldn't take us anymore and scratching posts didn't cut it and we have nervous habits that make us awkward in a non-Meg Ryan/Mary Lynn_Rajskub way.
When you see us you'll notice: our infectious cackle and hair snakes and that we like to talk about these things the most: Justin Timberlake's EVERYTHING, how truth might be stranger than fiction but seldom funnier, how friends are priceless and family.. eh, well family can't be exchanged and how much we LOVE good porch weather (OBV!).
When we think of being a: pair of chicks in comedy, it makes us feel like: we're riding on the wings of a unicorn!
What keeps us up at night is: ZOMBIES!.
And, what gets us out of bed in the morning is: SWEET IKE TURNER JAMS!.
If we hadn't chose the path of comedy, we would have been: backup dancers for Madonna.
See you this week!, check us out at ImprovBoston March 25th 7:30 pm in OBV! March 26th 8pm in Cabin Pressure and March 28th at 9pm in A Night of Oral (Tradition)
And you can see us anytime in the virtual world here:

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