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March 27, 2010

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getting to know our women in comedy:::getting to know all about them
by, WICF guest blogger: Brooke Connolly

Hello my name is: Laura Crawford
And, I'm a: entity of pure energy.
I'm performing at the Second Annual Women in Comedy Festival on Sunday at Improv Boston.
I got into comedy because: inciting laughter is a form of mind control and I have a special short video that will answer all your questions if you could just write your social security number down.
When you see me you'll notice: some lustrous hair and the distinct feeling that I`m speaking directly to you, I won’t be but you`ll think I am and that I like to talk about these things the most: violence, animals, and religion.
When I think of being a: Laura Elizabeth Crawford in comedy, it makes me feel: transcendental.
What keeps me up at night is: racism, sexism, homophobia, intolerance of alternative ways of being, and trying to find a cheap Thai lady boy with access to public transportation.
And, what gets me out of bed in the morning is: a Thai lady boy making some Tom Yum soup.
If I hadn't chose the path of comedy, I would have been: helping pitiful types in non-profit work for barely enough cash to cover my premium cable needs.
See you this week! Sunday’s Stand Up Comedy hosted by Mary Dolan, starting at 8 at Improv Boston.
And you can see me anytime in the virtual world here:
and .

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