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October 26, 2010

Always a Bridesmaid, Never Not Funny
by WomenInComedy - 1

I've been invited to six weddings this year, nine if you expand the definition of "year" to December 2008-January 2011. What no one tells you when you graduate college is that you are about to enter a solid decade of wedcation*. So it is with no hesitation that I say I was happy to interview WICF marketing guru Rachel Rosenthal about the launch of her new site, Because Rachel gets it. And she wants you to, too.

*wedcationnoun The time in your life when all of your vacation decisions revolve around going to other people's weddings (and, maybe, your own one or two).

WICF: What are you aiming to create with

Rachel: Oh, hi!
I am aiming to create a fun and easily accessible resource center for bridesmaids who are REAL women … like the people I am actual friends with! If you search the internet for help with bridesmaid duties — you’ll find a heck of a lot of toilet paper hats and penis cakes. You’ll also find a lot of info aimed at the bride — but not at the actual bridal party attendants. Whenever I was in a wedding and needed assistance, I found it difficult to find help when going against the grain. I hope for to become that place where women can get ideas, share stories, and have a laugh at the moments in between.

WICF: How would you describe the main features of your site?

Rachel: The site is a combination of resources (articles, advice and how-tos) and a blog. On the resources side, we have anything you may need to be a good bridesmaid — gift ideas, money-saving tips, how to plan a bridal shower, etc. On the blog side, we have true-life stories (both funny and touching), as well as fictional wedding toasts and “just for fun” anecdotes. I like to share a lot of great photography whenever possible, as well.

WICF: I know it's not meant to be a straight comedy site (right?), but it's definitely funny. Who are your contributors?

Rachel: It’s definitely not meant to be straight-up comedy, but I’m well aware that my writing style sounds a lot like [the way that] I speak! And let’s be honest … I’m hilarious. (ha ha) I hope that when people read the website, they will feel like a friend is advising them — not just a random wiki page. Due to the fact that I am an improviser and comedian — a lot of comedy has made its way onto this site. I am lucky enough to have some hilarious contributors. Friend and fellow performer Shannon Connolly shared her entire experience of being a bridesmaid for the first time — which was amazing. (You can see [all of the posts] in “Shancon’s Corner.”) I have also had the honor of writer/author Sara Faith Alterman contributing a weekly column, “Toasted,” [in which] she creates hilarious (fictional) wedding toasts as if she were the world’s worst bridesmaid. What I find interesting is that many of the comedian writers have written truly touching stories — rather than straight-up comedy. (See? We can turn it off!)

Other contributors have been friends, improvisers, strangers on the street — whomever. This site is a really fun way to get your stories out there and I encourage anyone to write a story (or contribute an idea for one) so we can share it with the world (wide web).

WICF: How has your reception been from your reading audience? Have you heard about any ruffled bridal feathers as a result of a post?

Rachel: So far, the reception has been really encouraging! It’s not surprising we haven’t ruffled any bridal feathers, considering that an uptight bridezilla is likely not reading Also, this site isn’t meant to be anti-wedding or anti-bride. On the contrary, I think that being asked to be a bridesmaid has sadly become a chore, rather than an honor. The truth of the matter is — weddings should be fun. It’s just a huge party with your closest friends. Hopefully, the content on our site can help you get there with the least amount of drama and the most amount of fun.

Anyone can contribute anonymously but for the most part — our writers have just put it all out there! Check out Chris Cuddy’s hilarious, true-life, “It's a nice day for a White(trash) wedding” story to see what I mean

WICF: You've recently moved — have you discovered that your experience differs from city to city, or is bridesmaiding truly pan-regional?

Rachel: There is a reason there are a million wedding TV shows… there is always going to be another wedding, another bride…and therefore — another bridesmaid. Not only is bridesmaiding more than regional — it’s international. I have spoken with women in Canada and Europe who have found the site helpful and have passed it along to friends and colleagues going through the wedding planning thing.

WICF: What are your goals for the site in the future?
Rachel: I’d love to get more interaction with the readers and actual bridesmaids. I keep trying to address questions that I had when I was in weddings – but obviously every person has a different experience. I want the ideas to come straight from the source, so we can give our readers whatever it is they truly need! I also want to work with more contributors (writers and photographers) for the future. is the perfect place for photographers to show off their work and for the rest of us to enjoy it!

Ideally, it’d be pretty awesome if we could be the next IndieBride — but for the bridal party instead of just for the bride. :)

WICF: Any links you'd like to include?

Rachel: Please become a fan (err “like” us!) at or follow us on twitter @Bridesmaiding. That is the easiest way to keep up with the latest!

If you would like to contribute a story or idea — you can do that right on the site at or contact me at rachel[at]

 Rachel, in one of her finer moments (managing to look freakin' adorable).

Inteviewed for WICF by Liz McKeon.

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  1. We really, really love Rachel's site. Refreshing!