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October 29, 2010

WICF’s Weekend Write-Up: Frightening, and Frighteningly Awesome
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Happy Halloween! Do your thing, WICF readers, and send us some funny photos or write-ups of your weekend shenanigans. But only if you want to.
I want to thank Rachel Rosenthal again for speaking with us about her awesome and hilarious (and instructional!) site Next week, we'll have plenty of new info. for you about the 2011 festival, so keep checking us out we're looking good!

For this holiday weekend, here's another bloody show and a wonderful website for your perusal:

Website of the Week

Poly Republic
Beti Gathegi's site, newly-launched this past September, chronicles the stories of women from all walks of life whom Beti admires and is amazed by. Including video profiles, an advice section, interviews with women from all sorts of careers, a gadget girl section, and an inspiration board, Beti's nascent site is an aspirational, inspirational work-in-progress. She says, "I really want to build and be a part of a community that is discussing dynamic women, interesting careers and other fascinating topics, so this is my contribution to that conversation." This week, Poly Republic profiles Wild 'N Out and Comedy Central's Rasika Mathur. Mathur is releasing her new comedy album "The Sari (W)rap" on November 2, and she will be featured in the upcoming movie The Taqwacores, based on the Michael Muhammad Knight book of the same name.

Show to See

KILLGORE: The New Blood, at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, New York, NY
UCB's Halloween show about the an evil spirit from Hell who returns to wreak vengeance and cover their nightly audiences with blood. Lots and lots of blood. No worries, though, true believers, because according to the site, "the beast only slaughters those who are rife with selfishness, greed, hatred, and a few people who just suck." Written by Matt Walsh, and directed by John Frusciante. for tickets,
Runs Fri. and Sat. 10/29-10/30
Shows at 8 p.m., 10 p.m. and midnight.

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