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November 25, 2010

Submissions are Open, Headliners Morgan Murphy and Jen Kirkman Have Been Announced - Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!
by WomenInComedy - 2

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! In honor of the holiday, we're giving you the traditional Thanksgiving gift. Not used to Thanksgiving gifts, you say? Well, they're non-denominational, and don't require a tax write off, so seriously, just go with it, ok?

First amazing gift — submissions for WICF 2011 are now open! Apply here! Good luck! You're all stars. We're serious. WICF is now accepting submissions for performances and workshops. FAQs can be found here, and submissions are open until January 6th.

Second amazing gift  the Women in Comedy Festival is proud to announce headliners Morgan Murphy and Jen Kirkman! Jen has toured with Greg Behrendt and Maria Bamford, was a regular cast member on Vh1's "Acceptable TV," and is currently a writer and frequent roundtable guest on "Chelsea Lately." Jen's website is here. Morgan has written for "Crank Yankers" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live," toured with The Comedians of Comedy, and is currently a writer on "The Jimmy Fallon Show." Check out Morgan's official site here.

Headliners Morgan Murphy and Jen Kirkman!

Don't let the tryptophan coma keep you from getting involved — questions about submissions should be submitted here, questions about general festival info should be submitted here, and blog questions should be submitted here. Sign up for our newsletter here, and, of course, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Now, if you'll all excuse me, I have to go pull this splinter out of my hand before I rub homemade herb butter all over my turkey. A comedian's life is never dull. May the force be with you all, and to all, a good Thanksgiving night.

- Posted by Liz


  1. Love it Liz! Thanks for the update.

  2. Thanks Maria! Happy Thanksgiving! So psyched for this!