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November 19, 2010

WICF’s Weekend Write-Up: Make It Count, Next Weekend You’ll Probably Be Watching Burlesque with Incontinent Aunt Bertie
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Have you seen it yet? The new Harry Potter? Well don’t tell us what happens, Liz is trying to show her boyfriend all six of the previous movies before they go to see this one, that poor bastard.

You are so close to having submissions and headliner announcements rained down on you, you have no idea. At this point, we’re just waiting until you’re absolutely breathless with anticipation. Soon, pookies, soon.

Here’s what you should do if last night’s midnight Harry Potter showing just wasn’t enough for you animals:

Website of the Week
StarKid Productions
The web home of the former University of Michigan students whose “A Very Potter Musical” was named one of Entertainment Weekly’s 10 Best Viral Videos of 2009, the site serves as a portal to all three of their full-length musicals on YouTube, complete links to the group’s online presence, and updates on what’s coming down the pike. Satiate your Potter-lust with their original musical, which lovingly lampoons J. K. Rowling’s Potter books one, four, six, and seven (roughly), and then move on to “A Very Potter Sequel,” which rewrites the epilogue so they can cover books one, three, and five. 

The cast and crew have serious musical theater chops, and their productions read like the full-length versions of spoofs lifted from Christopher Guest movies. For those of you who haven’t seen “AVPM” or “AVPS,” you might recognize StarKid’s “Harry” as Darren Criss, “Glee”’s newest regular cast member.


Show to See
Tig’s for the Giving: Tig Notaro and Very Special Guests (with Jen Kirman), Largo at The Coronet, Los Angeles, CA
Tig Notaro has been seen on “The Sarah Silverman Program,” “Last Comic Standing,” “Dog Bites Man,” and a whole bunch of talk shows and tours. She’ll also perform on “The Benson Interruption” and “Community.” Notaro’s unique presence and voice have made her a comic’s comic, and she pays it forward by hosting a monthly Tig & Friends show at the Largo at The Coronet.

This month, catch Jen Kirkman, writer and roundtable guest on “Chelsea Lately,” as one of her friends. for tickets
Runs Mondays monthly,
Shows at 8 p.m.

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