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February 17, 2011

What Would Lily Tomlin Say? (We Know the Answer!)
by Liz McKeon - 0

By WICF Editor Liz McKeon

Lily Tomlin! Photo from the public domain.
Heeeeeeyyyyyyy yooooooouuuuu ladies!
Today is the first day of Q's Queens of Comedy series!

What's Q, you ask? Well, what isn't Q? Seriously, people.

Alright, Q is a CBCRadio interview show hosted by Jian Ghomeshi. The Queens of Comedy series features smart, feature-length interviews with some major women in comedy: Lily Tomlin, Roseanne Barr, Jane Lynch, and Phyllis Diller.

To listen to the Divine Ms. Tomlin (and the rest of the crew, as they're posted), check out Q online, download the podcasts here, or listen to it live, on Public Radio in the U.S. and on CBC in Canada — here is a convenient schedule of air times for your pleasure!

Q's Queens of Comedy
Every Thursday on Q from February 17 to March 17, 2011

Jian Ghomeshi talks with some of the biggest names in comedy history: women who have changed the face of funny.
Feature guests include:

- Stage, TV, and film actress Lily Tomlin (Thurs. 17 Feb on Q) : character-based comedy, from TV's "Laugh-In" to "Damages," to movies Nashville and A Prairie Home Companion.

- Stand-up comic and TV game-changer Roseanne Barr (Thurs. 24 Feb on Q): her hit sitcom "Roseanne" tackled topics from gay marriage to domestic abuse with unsentimental hilarity.

- Comedy actress Jane Lynch (Thurs. 3 March on Q): her TV turn as sharp-tongued Coach Sue Sylvester won her both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for "Glee."

- Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller (Thurs. 10 March on Q): at 93, the stand-up pioneer is still on fire, with her trademark cackle, and biting self-commentary

-Plus, a panel on the comedy gender difference (Thurs. 17 March on Q). Christopher Hitchens' Janjary, 2007, Vanity Fair column, "Why Women Aren't Funny," set off an ever-raging debate, with real-world implications for female comics and audiences. We'll debate, and hear from performers like Catherine O'Hara, Andrea Martin, Sarah Silverman, and Carol Burnett.

Jian Ghomeshi
is an award-winning broadcaster, writer, musician and producer. He is the host and co-creator of the national daily talk program, Q, on CBC Radio One and bold TV. Since its inception in 2007, Q has garnered the largest audience of any cultural affairs program in Canada and has become the highest-rated show in its morning time slot in CBC history.

As a singer, songwriter, and musician, Jian was a member of multi-platinum selling folk-rock group, Moxy Früvous. He toured internationally during the 1990s and shared stages with a variety of artists including Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco and Elvis Costello. Jian continues to write and produce music through his company, Wonderboy Entertainment, and has managed the international career of Juno-winning electropop performer, LIGHTS since 2001.

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