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February 18, 2011

You Listen to "The Sound of Young America," Don't You?
by Liz McKeon - 0

By WICF Editor Liz McKeon

"The Sound of Young America" is a public radio show out of LA.

"The Sound of Young America" is about things that are awesome.

Host Jesse Thorn, "America's Radio Sweetheart," speaks with entertainers and artists, and it just so happens (ho ho!) that he's spoken to a lot of women comics over the years. A LOT. And because it's Friday, and because we love you, we're linking you to some of them right here! Enjoy!

(Don't forget that we love you.)

Amy Sedaris! Photo credit: WNYC and Casey De Pont.
Amy Sedaris (2010)
The Sound of Young America

That's right, it's an Amy Sedaris two-fer!

Sarah Vowell, author of The Wordy Shipmates.Photo credit:

Samantha Bee (2010)
The Sound of Young America

Sarah Thyre, author of Dark at the Roots.
Photo credit: "The Sound of Young America" website.


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