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March 25, 2011

Funny Women in Jezebel
by Liz McKeon - 0

Hello, funny ladies! I’d like to direct your attention over to Gawker property Jezebel, if I may. Since they cover all facets of media, they tend to have a different take on the portrayal of female comedians in the media than your average (or above-average) comedy blog.

Irin Carmon, who appeared on Rachel Sklar’s SXSW panel “The Female Funny: Is It Different For Girls?” sums up the perennial-seeming debate on the existence of women in comedy in four points, the last of which is:
Feels right about now like we're at a new stage:
4) Funny women are getting out there, both via traditional venues and by creating their own.

I’d say this is a pretty accurate take on funny ladies. What do you think?

For an added Friday bonus, here’s their post on Aaron Sorkin’s “30 Rock” cameo:!5785587/aaron-sorkin-defends-his-depiction-of-female-characters-in-30-rock-cameo


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