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June 6, 2011

I take it back, Melissa McCarthy
by rachelv - 0

When the trailer for the now-hit movie Bridesmaids hit the internet, it was followed by an overwhelming wave of excitement. "Finally, people will realize that women can be funny on their own!", we said. "Sisters are taking over Hollywood! Breaking through the glass ceiling!", we exclaimed, over our yogurt that helps us poop. And I was among the yaysayers, but I had one problem.

Melissa McCarthy.

I was afraid and angry after seeing the trailer, and the way her character was portrayed. I'd seen it happen too many times where a woman's entire character was measured by the size of her pants, and I was heartbroken to see the same thing happen in this, a movie that was going to change everything for us.

Now that I've actually seen the movie, I know that my fear and anger were needless. McCarthy's character, Megan, is intelligent, successful, assertive, emotionally giving, an animal lover (if a bit overly ambitious), and absolutely the first of the film's characters I'd choose to be friends with. (Except maybe for Brynn, one of the protagonist's British roommates. That bitch is HILARIOUS.)

Most importantly, though, her character traits are just who she is, and not comments on her appearance. The jokes made at her expense could have been made no matter who was playing her. Sure, she gets excited about Brazilian food and runs for the door. Yes, fine, she makes an unwanted pass at a fellow passenger on the plane to Vegas. But would those things have changed if she had been played by, say, Molly Shannon instead? I don't think so. Those things were just evidence of who Megan is, and not a reflection of what the actress who plays her looks like.

So, I applaud you, Melissa McCarthy. And I apologize for jumping to conclusions and buying the hype. I realize this movie was the exception to the rule, so I'll still be skeptical when "Bridesmaids 2: Still Maiden" comes out in 2013, but I'll try to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I've never been so happy to be proven wrong.

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