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February 6, 2012

WICF Comedian in 'The Boston Globe' - for Her Second Ever Live Performance
by Liz McKeon - 0

By WICF Editor Liz McKeon

Comedian Britt Mitchell has garnered quite the spotlight -- her performance at next month's WICF will be her second live performance ever, for which she was featured in this past Sunday's The Boston Globe.

As The Globe's Matt Tempesta quotes Mitchell,
"Obviously I'm a different comedian because I have Asperger's," said Mitchell. "I usually tend to like comedians that aren't the most attractive. I'm not saying I'm ugly, but I feel like I can relate to them more. That's why I really get inspired by Chris Farley or Robin Williams." 
Mitchell said she isn't nervous yet since she's had more than a month to prepare her five-minute set. 
And even though this will be just her second live performance, Mitchell noted stand-up comedy is a career path she wants to pursue. 
"If I could get paid to do stand-up comedy, I probably would be the happiest person on the planet," said Mitchell. "Doing this festival will not only get experience points for me, but it will teach me and get me into the world of comedy. I'm not even a headliner, I'm just a small part of this amazing festival with all these women. Hopefully this is the start of things to come."

You can catch Britt, along with many other wonderful performers, at WICF2012 performing March 21-March 24. 

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