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March 21, 2012

Tonight's WICF Line Up -- Stand Up, Real Housewives, Harry Roasts, Wheel of Austen
by Liz McKeon - 0

And on the first night of WICF, my true love gave me comedy:

Jenny Z, live in Boston!
Comedy Studio Stand-Up Comedy Showcase, Hosted by Jenny Zigrino - 8 PM

Join us for WICF 2012's kick-off night with stand-up comedy at the lengendary Comedy Studio in Harvard Square, featuring some of the hottest up-and-coming comedians around. One of the most influential comedy clubs in the country, The Comedy Studio has been hailed for its "uniquely intelligent audiences" and being "the next great wave of vital, original Boston comedy.”

Jenny Zigrino hosts Kevin Anglin, Dana Cairns, Laura Crawford, Chrissy Kelleher, Langston Kerman, Ethan Marsh, Britt Mitchell, Anna Phillips, Emily Ruskowski, Kristin Seitman and Don Zollo.

Tonight's stand up showcase is sold out!

Yes, this is a photo of what
 you think it's a photo of.
The Ladies of Sketchersons, The Real Housewives of the Magick Kingdom, Wheel of Austen, Hosted by Ken Reid - 8 PM

WICF takes over ImprovBoston (and the mainstage, no less) to bring you fantabulous comedy stylings!

Wheel of Austen (Boston), The Real Housewives of the Magick Kingdom (Boston), and The Ladies of Sketchersons (Toronto) bring you improv and sketch from the past, present, and the land of make believe. Hosted by stand-up comedian Ken Reid (AltCom Festival, The Eugene Mirman Festival).

Raj Sivaraman hosts tonight!
Bearcats, The Dowry, Harry Roasts America, Hosted by Raj Sivaraman - 8 PM

WICF makes its domination of ImprovBoston complete by taking over the studio, too. There's no where to hide from us.

Join Bearcats for improv, The Dowry for sketch , and Harry Roasts America for a special ladies' edition of firey commentary on all things American. Hosted by Raj Sivaraman (Finalist New York Comedy Competition, Boston News Net).

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