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November 21, 2014

Taylor Swift pulls her music from nine-year-old-girl
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The Shake It Off singer has said NO to low-royalty streaming services and now she is saying NO to a nine–year-old fan

By Lynda Coleman, WICF

On a school night last week, singer Taylor Swift barged into the bedroom of nine-year-old Ella Frank of Bristol, RI and pulled all her CD’s from the young girl’s bookshelf and then stormed out.  Now little Ella is calling desperately for the return of her Taylor Swift CD collection from the woman who recorded the music.

“Those CD’s were a gift from my Nana”, said Ella. “She bought them for me because she doesn’t know what streaming is – even though I showed her how it works like a million times and forget about explaining to her what an iTunes gift card is”. 

The trouble arose when Swift found out through social media that Ella had been sharing her CD’s with people ever since she pulled her music from streaming services.  Ella was freely sharing her Swift CD collection with her mom Valerie, a few school friends, their moms and school cafeteria worker Doris S. “Before Taylor took her CD’s back, I was thinking about sharing them with a few more people and charging a small fee”, said Ella. To that Swift had this to say, “WTF”!

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