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December 5, 2014

Free Redeemable Content: Only Cost is Your Soul!
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Falling for satire articles? At least you got a laugh out of it! That's free. You're welcome.

By Brianna Wodabek, WICF Guest Blog Contributor

Brianna Wodabek
[Brianna is an actor/writer. She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and has preformed in many improv and sketch shows including twice in the newly debuted show in New York: Beerprov. Check out her blog; Brianna Rants.]

New age comedy is at an all time high and thankfully social media has rolled down its metaphorical window to its’ beater car and cat called it right into the front seat.

I personally can't get enough of The Onion articles or anything relatable to those sites. But not only do the articles themselves tickle my funny bone, most days I get more joy out of the readers who actually believe them. I don't know when the line erased that now everyone believes what he or she read on the Internet; but I'm so glad it's happened and if I could, I would lock up that line to never be seen again. The Internet had only been used for eBay scams, MySpace aspiring musicians and “boobs” typed into Google. Nothing was credible on the Internet; it was the technological equivalent of old wives tales of hairy palms and blindness. So what was the tipping point? What was the one piece of information posted that made us think, “you know what, they’ve got something here”. Was it when CNN took hold? Or NASA? Either way, no matter what happens, the moment they declare aliens, I am 100% on board.

Nothing brought more joy to my 21 years of life than seeing numerous of my Facebook friend’s plaster "23,000 iPhone 6's infected with Ebola" across their pages so graciously informing us of this insanity! Could I have intervened and relieved them of their incessant hand washing and paranoia while handling their new brain melting device? Yes, yes I could have. Did I? I definitely did not. Instead I grabbed my Facebook watching popcorn and enjoyed it unfold.

I’ve noticed that sketch and improv comedy is in its’ prime at the moment. Between comedy festivals that feature up and coming performers, YouTube channels and satirical blogs, everyone is an expert in comedy. I’m thankful that I managed to get my foot into Second City when I did, not only to witness the comedic evolution; but so I can add it to my LinkedIn profile. The images of female comedians are changing and I couldn’t be happier. Females were always viewed as brash, foul-mouthed stand up comics. If you wanted to succeed as a female in this world, you had to be shocking and rude; now with the different mediums, that is not longer the case. Smart humor is now introduced and truly respected. Females are now respected and no longer underestimated. It’s exciting to be a part of this transition and we didn’t even need to burn our bras this time! This is the age of laughter as I like to call it and I would love to contribute to this as much as possible!

The world has gotten too serious; war, disease, famine. We need some satire to ease the negativity and remind us that we don't have to take everything so seriously. We will spend enough time in our lives worried and stressed about things that we can't control; we might as well take the time to enjoy a 3 minute article about "The Day in the Life of our Local Aliens from Mars and What They Cook With". It costs us nothing to laugh, people need to redeem this perk more.

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