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April 15, 2015

Love Funny Conversations? Check Out This New Web Series!
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Courtney Black

Web Series 'Conversations with Courtney' Has Its Host Talking With Famous Comedians On The Comedy Circuit

[Originally from Washington, D.C., Courtney Black is a sexy smarty with 2 Bachelor of Science degrees. But making people laugh is what this lady really has down to a science. The comedian shares her witty views on life, love, and adapting to the carefree ways of living in]

About the Web Series:

The perfectly imperfect Los Angeles based comedian Courtney Black has a new web series titled “Conversations with Courtney” releasing every Wednesday. Living in Los Angeles and being a fixture on the comedy circuit enables Courtney to run into some interesting & more-famous-than-herself individuals. The series is funny, informative, and honest. Let’s see who Courtney has a conversation with next!

Check Out Some of these 'Conversations with Courtney'

Hannaibal Buress

Tiffany Haddish


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