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April 14, 2016

5 Places You Should Go in 2016, You Son of a Bitch
by WomenInComedy - 1

By You Know Whom You've Wronged

1.) Take a Long Walk Off a Short Pier
Look at this serene, sparkling water. So inviting! You deserve to relax. Get yourself on that short pier and do not stop walking. Fun fact: Lake Waukesha celebrates 50 years as a notorious dumping ground for both corpses and toxic waste. The lake actually caught on fire once in 2007. Get your marshmallows ready!

A Short Pier, Waukesha County, Wisconsin

2.) Play in Traffic

3.) Eat a Shit Sandwich
Sandwiches. Classic, simple, yet with an almost endless variety of toppings, fillings and breads. Easy to take along on any of your other travels and outings, and so much fun to share. Just make sure yours is filled with shit.

A sandwich with shit filling. Looks like chocolate, doesn't it?

4.) Fall Down a Well
Wells aren't just for kids anymore! And think of the satisfaction of finding a hole even bigger than you.

A deep, deep well. Seven days…

5.) Straight to Hell
I know, you're going to go there eventually, but why wait? So much to look at and experience, you'll never be bored, unless that's part of the eternal punishment Lucifer intends to mete out to you. But hey, what's worthwhile travel without some risk? From the giant birds eating humans whole to the vomit waterfalls, the sights, sounds, smells, and colors of hell will not underwhelm even the most seasoned traveller. While you're there, be sure to go fuck yourself.



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