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April 15, 2016

Elizabeth Banks Launches Female-Driven Comedy Site WhoHaHa
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Elizabeth Banks
Self-proclaimed "amateur goofball" and super cool comedian Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, The Lego Movie, Wet Hot American Summer) has launched a new female centric comedy site, WhoHaHa, "a space for female creators to distribute their content to a wider audience and a place for users to spend hours laughing until they pee." Check out this handy video of Banks explaining the website's mission:

WhoHaHa is actively scouring the internet for "the funniest women the web has to offer and delivering them to you on all platforms." WhoHaHa is taking recommendations for funny ladies "who needs to be shared with the world." Do you know anyone like that? Of course you do – and it can even be you, yes you: "are you a funny lady who wants to be shared with the world? Let us know!" Click below to submit links to your content:


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