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July 15, 2016

The Walking Dead Comedy Podcast S6 Ep4
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It's the eye of Akido! Bahm. Bahm Bahm Bahm. Bahm Bahm Bahm. Bahm Bahm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahm

Presented by WICF, join co-hosts Michelle and Christine of Scary Funny for recap, analysis, and comedy sketches about AMC's The Walking Dead.

Join co-hosts Christine and Michelle for recap, review, and comedy sketches based on season 6 episode 4 of The Walking Dead.

The only Walking Dead recap and review podcast with a comedy angle. Hosted by Scary Funny's Michelle and Christine, this episode, "Here's Not Here", Season 6, Episode 4, features an interview with real-life aikido practitioner Mike Raiter, plus comedy sketches including Morgan's 80's power rock anthem about aikido, and the first post-wolf invasion mayoral election debate. Special thanks to the vary talented Brett Benge as the voice of Morgan on the song and to Mike Raiter for his time on the phone. You can check out Mike's Dojo, Framingham Aikikai, here if you live in the Boston area, or check the Internets for a Dojo near you and try aikido for yourself.

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