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October 19, 2016

Crazy-Ex Girlfriend is Back!
by Katie Conway - 0

Your favorite musical comedy about a crazy lawyer looking for love is back! That’s right, the highly anticipated season two of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend returns to your television set this Friday, October 21st. Can’t wait ‘till Friday to get your Crazy-Ex fix? Not to worry. The show recently released the game-changing new season two theme song, and a parody music video that we can expect to see during the premiere. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the smash hit, Crazy-Ex Girlfriend is about a woman named Rebecca Bunch, played by Golden Globe winning actress, writer, and comedian Rachel Bloom. Rebecca left her job at a prestigious law firm in New York City after catching up with her first love from summer camp, Josh Chan (Vincent Rodriguez III), who just happens to be moving back to his hometown of West Covina, California. Rebecca then convinces everyone throughout the season she moved to West Covina after receiving an amazing job offer, when she really moved there in pursuit of a rekindled romance with Josh, with the hope of finding happiness in her life again. After a season of making new friends, hookups, and impressing parents, Rebecca finally gets together with Josh during the season one finale, where she admits she moved all the way to West Covina just for him. 

Originally, the entire plot of season one was summarized in the cartoonish opening theme with a jingle that most fans know by heart. Although we’ll miss the Disney-esque versions of all the characters, and the talking sun that sings “She’s so broken inside!”, the new season two opener is too awesome to pass up. The song is called “Just a Girl in Love,” and it features Rebecca with a group of showgirls in dazzling red costumes. The theme is reminiscent of Hollywood’s showstopper-musical numbers from the 20’s and 30’s, and it focuses on how “in-love” Rebecca is - which means she “can’t be held responsible for her actions.” You can’t call her crazy anymore, only crazy in love. To quote Rebecca, she has “no underlying issues to address,” is “certifiably cute” and “adorably obsessed,” the first being obviously false. It was also revealed that each season forward will feature a new theme song, which is something we can all look forward to in the years to come. 

One of Crazy-Ex Girlfriend’s biggest audience appeals are the 2-3 parody musical numbers they feature every episode, which usually spoof a certain song or style of music in accordance with the plot of the episode, or a certain character’s feelings. Last season alone featured a total of 49 songs, with some of the highlights including Rebecca’s Nicki Minaj parody “I Give Good Parent,” and Greg’s (Santino Fontana) emotional ballad “What’ll it Be” - a tribute to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.” The first of its kind for season two was recently released, entitled “Love Kernels,” which is a giant video production in dedication to Beyonce’s famous “Lemonade.” The song is about Rebecca’s obsessive love and her desperation for Josh’s “love kernels,” or the “little compliments here and there that I stockpile in my women brain.” She is literally “thirsty” for any scrap of care and affection she can get out of her now-boyfriend. Obviously, Rebecca still has some issues to work out on the road to health and happiness. That aside, the production value of this video is the best Crazy-Ex has achieved yet - which they joke about in the song. The video literally “ate our production budget,” and they can only afford to have Daryl (Pete Gardner) played by a broom on a stand with googly eyes and a mustache. Poor Daryl!

Link to video:
Curious to find out what happens to Rebecca and Josh? Will Greg ever admit his feelings to Rebecca? How are things between Daryl and White Josh (David Hull)? And what are Paula (Donna Lynne Champlin) and the Grocery Clerk with Half an Eyelid up to? Find out this Friday at 9:00p/8:00c on The CW.

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