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November 22, 2016

SNL & Thanksgiving
by Katie Conway - 0

Ah, Thanksgiving. A time of year where we give thanks, eat good food, watch football, venomously argue about politics, and dodge passive-aggressive insults from our relatives. Whether you love the fourth Thursday of November, or have been counting down the days ‘till Christmas since Halloween, we could all use a good laugh this Turkey Day. So when you’re done watching the cast of Hamilton perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and throwing the mashed potato at your obnoxious cousin from across the dinner table, take some time to stuff your face with the very best Saturday Night Live Thanksgiving sketches!

Target Commercial 
A brand new, oh-so relatable sketch. “And, if you’re home for the first time sine the Election, Target has what you need most - A Big Empty Parking Lot You Can Just Come Sit In For a Sec.”

Vincent Price’s Thanksgiving Special 
If anyone could make Thanksgiving morbid, charming, and comedic, it’s Bill Hader’s spot-on Vincent Price. Featuring the legendary characters of Judy Garland, Alfred Hitchcock, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz.

Surprise Lady: Thanksgiving 
Kristen’s Wiig’s classic character, Sue “Surprise Lady,” returns full force in this hilarious skit about surprising her mother with the return of her son come home from war. Notice: Leslie Jone’s face struggling to not laugh under Wiig’s utter absurdity. 

Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song
Oh, Adam. What would the holidays be like without your satirical, high-pitched, original show-tunes. A turkey for me, a turkey for you!

Back Home Ballers 
Ya’ girls are BACK for Thanksgiving break. The ladies of SNL return after their Emmy-Nominated (Do It On My) Twin Bed video short about coming home for Christmas. This time, they have a whole fridge full of free food from Cosco, movie tickets to “Penguins of Madagascar” paid by their Dad, and bowl on bowls on bowls full of M&M’s, keys, and seashells. 

A Thanksgiving Miracle 
A groundbreaking video short that lets us all come together, despite our political differences, to celebrate the gift that is Adele. 

Debbie Downer: Thanksgiving Dinner
Rachel Dratch’s Debbie Downer is here to tell it like it is. The Pilgrim’s didn’t bring the Pino Grigio to the first Thanksgiving, but they sure brought small pox.  

Penelope: Thanksgiving 
Nothing says Thanksgiving like giving back to the community and trying to prove you’re a good, if not better person, then everyone else. Check out the hilarious back-and-forth and one-upping between Kristen Wiig’s Penelope and Anne Hathaway. 

Thanksgiving Dinner at the Kid’s Table 
An early SNL skit that showcases how we all revert back to our childish ways when forced to sit at the kid’s table with our family. Some things never change.

Thanksgiving Song Auditions
There’s thousands of songs about Christmas, so why aren’t there any about Thanksgiving? Watch this song audition show-stopper that features sultry jazz, feminist folk, and hard rock musical bits about you favorite day of the year. 

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