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November 1, 2016

The Return of Carol Burnett
by Katie Conway - 0

Carol Burnett is back and more fabulous then ever! The American comedian, actress, and writer will be returning to television to star in a new ABC multi-camera original comedy series, alongside Amy Poehler. The show is about a family who has the opportunity to buy the unaffordable house of their dreams, under one very unique condition and circumstance - they must live with the current owner, played by Burnett, until she passes away. From the sound of it, we can expect a very odd, unique, and laughable new sit-com coming our way. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the actress’s work, Burnett was the star of The Carol Burnett Show - an American variety/sketch comedy classic that ran for eleven seasons on CBS from 1967-1978. She’s been Tony-Nominated for her work on Broadway, including Once Upon a Mattress (1959) and Moon Over Buffalo (1995). Carol has also been nominated for 22 Emmy’s, and has won 6 of them. Her career spans over 6 decades, and she recently won an SAG Lifetime achievement award in 2015, naturally presented to her by her longtime admirers - Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. 

The ABC untitled show will be written and executively produced by Michael Saltzman, known for his EP work on “Murphy Brown,” “Man Men,” “Hell on Wheels,” and most recently “Halt and Catch Fire.” According to, Saltzman can thank Burnett for his career. Growing up, Saltzman idolized and admired Burnett, and it just so happens they met while he was trying to break into the television writing industry. Burnett praised the young writer and offered him a check with no string attached to write anything he wanted. “I’d always wanted to pay her back in some way, and reward the faith she placed in me,” said Saltzman, “but the stars never seemed to align…When I was free she was busy and vice versa.” Now with the new show in development, Saltzman will finally have the opportunity to give back to Carol after all these years.

Other Executive Producers of the show include Dave Becky, Michael Pelmont, as well as Brooke Posch and Amy Poehler herself. Poehler and Posch will be producing through their production company Paper Kite, as part of the Universal TV deal that was penned this summer. Paper Kite is also the studio that brought you the new comedy classics Broad City and Difficult People, so you know Burnett’s sit-com debut will be (hopefully) just as high-ranking. There’s no word yet on when the show will be released, but we’re all anxiously anticipating the long-time coming of Carol Burnett’s comeback, and her sit-com debut. Good luck, Carol! 


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