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November 9, 2016

What Now?: Your Post-Election Survival Guide
by Katie Conway - 0

So the worst possible thing just happened - a sexist, racist, bigoted, orange peanut just became the President of the United States, over a more-than-qualified possible first female POTUS. It sucks. 

Though this may be a time of great anxiety, fear, and sadness, we must support each other and remain strong. Love and laughter are the best medicine, so here is a comprehensive list of activities you can do to get through this day, this month, this year. 

1. Watch Female-centric Stand Up on Netflix
Feel empowered and laugh your ass off! Check out Iliza Schlesinger, Chelsea Peretti, Ali Wong, and Chelsea Handler! 

2. Read Harry Potter
A whole series dedicated to the power of love and friendship overcoming prejudice, discrimination, and an evil Dark Lord. But that’s just fiction, right? Or watch A Very Potter Musical. Just like regular Harry Potter, only funnier!

3. Drink Wine and Watch Cute Puppy Videos 
Escape Reality. This day never happened. Your only concern is finding a puppy to hold. 

4. Scroll through Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Twitter 
A voice of a generation, the ambitious optimist, a musical genius. His words will comfort you like your mother’s chicken-noodle soup. #Bitofaday

5.  Go See Boston Comedy Chicks 
WICF is hosting the Boston Comedy Chicks Showcase this Saturday, 8:00pm at Doyle’s Cafe. Come laugh off your worries with us! Link to Facebook event page below:

6. Watch Parks and Recreation or The West Wing 
Restore your faith in democracy by watching the two most idealistic shows about government! Knope 2016!!

7. Color!
Find one of those ultra-trendy pop-culture coloring books and draw your stress away over a picture of Jon Snow!

8. Listen to Music
Listen to songs that will give you hope, empower you, and ease your troubles away - such as the Les Miserables soundtrack. Better yet, make a Spotify Playlist called “Help Me I’m Dying”, “Garbage Can on Fire”, or even “Oh God No Not 4 Years of This Please”. 

9. Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling
So we didn’t smash that oh-so-high glass ceiling. Instead, If you see a piece of glass, smash it yourself. Maybe it’ll give you satisfaction, but most likely you’ll just end up with a bloody hand. 

10. Get Involved

Still upset about the state of our country? Get out there, and get involved. Make change, make art, make someone laugh, spread peace and love. This isn’t the end, only the beginning. Check out the link below:


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