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December 24, 2016

Top Sketches To Get You In The Holiday Spirit
by Katie Conway - 0

It’s the most wonderful, holly jolly, and often stressful time of year. Between insane shopping sessions, ringing up those festive lights, preparing for obnoxious party guests, and posing for that uncomfortable sweater-filled family photo, we could all could use a laugh during the holiday season. So grab some eggnog and a gingerbread cookie (or two), ‘cause here are the best Saturday Night Live sketches sure to get you in a festive mood! 

Santa’s My Boyfriend (2006)
A classic cold open, featuring the talented vocals and comedic chops of legendary cast members Poehler, Wiig, and Rudolph. 

Steve Martin’s Holiday Wish (1991)
This sketch patiently builds up and only gets better as it goes along, rewarding us with a perfect bit about what we really want for Christmas. Peace and harmony for all the little children of the world? Forget it! Steve Martin wants money, power, sex, and revenge. 

NPR’s Delicious Dish Schweddy Balls (1998)
This NPR spoof is an SNL Holiday Special staple! The dry radio-broadcast humor of Molly Shannon and Ana Gasteyer with all-star Alec Baldwin always brings about a chuckle. I’m also pretty sure this could win an award for the most “ball” jokes stuffed into a 6-minute sketch. Be sure to order your Schweddy Balls from Season’s Eatings in time for your Christmas Eve Party today!

Adam Sandler and The Hanukkah Song (1994)
One of Adam Sandler’s most genuine and hilarious moments on Saturday Night Live. Since there wasn’t enough songs about Hanukkah growing up, Sandler poured his heart into a catchy, smart, and fun song for the next generation of Jewish kids who only hear Christmas tunes on the radio. And boy, has this jingle cemented itself in SNL History and pop culture! 

(Do It On My) Twin Bed (2013)
A revolutionary sketch about trying to get it on when you’re home for the holidays in your childhood bedroom. The concept may be ok, but it was a breath of fresh air to see every single female cast member in one digital short. I’m talking Kate, Cecily, Noel, Vanessa, Nasim, and your lil’ Baby Aidy. Highlights include yearbook photo throwbacks and Jimmy Fallon’s rap sequence. 

Dick in a Box (2009) 
This Lonely Island special featuring Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake may be a bit ridiculous, but it’s only grown more and more popular over time. If anyone other than Samberg or Timberlake attempted this bit, it definitely wouldn’t have worked out. They embody everything that is smooth, fresh, and delightfully awkward. Follow these steps to show your loved ones how much you really care this year!  

St. Joseph’s Christmas Mass Spectacular (2014)
What do you get when you mix MTV with Christmas Mass? Something really awesome, dude! Join the cast of SNL at church (on a Thursday) with some of your favorite hardcore churchgoers - atheist teens, Mr. Drubbler and his sweaty palms, Linda the hot-mess organ player, and Colleen Chapin who can’t wait to speak at the podium. 

Christmas Time for the Jews (2005)
A claymation short that looks to be from the era of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and “A Year Without a Santa Clause,” with a song about the time of year when those who celebrate Christmas are finally off the streets, and its time for the Jewish to have some fun and take on the town - seeing King Kong without a line, and eating in Chinatown while drinking sweet wine. 

Glengarry Glen Christmas (2005)
Alec Baldwin isn’t playing around as the manager in a sketch about Santa’s Elves and their very serious jobs. Also starring Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and Seth Meyers, we can’t help but laugh when cute mixes with corporate. Note: Seth tries to hold back a giggle when Baldwin mispronounces “cobbling.”

The Christmas Candle (2016)
Ok, I know this one is very recent, but I think it deserves a place on the list! SNL shorts are usually hit or misses, and this one is a pretty big hit. 80’s music video vibes, Emma Stone, and a peach scented candle that unites us all - what more could you ask for?

Hillary Actually (2016)
Yes, we’re all still mourning Hillary Clinton’s presidential loss from this November. But maybe we can convince enough electoral voters to not vote for Trump if we just hold up a bunch of signs - Love Actually style - with reasons why they should become faithless electors. ’Tis the season for miracles, after all! Having Kate McKinnon do it as Hillary Clinton isn’t a bad idea either - take a look at her masterful performance below: 


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