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March 3, 2017

Which Celebrity Are You Reacting To Moonlight's Best Picture Win?
by Katie Conway - 0

This past Sunday was 89th Annual Academy Award ceremony, a.k.a “The Oscars”. After a pretty tame evening of performances, speeches, and awkward Jimmy Kimmel jokes, the night took a dramatic turn when La La Land was incorrectly awarded for Best Picture. After a tremendous envelope mix up, La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz immediately cleared up the mess and announced Moonlight as the actual Best Picture winner, proudly holding up the correct card for the whole world to see. The Dolby Theater went crazy! Never-mind the Internet - which wasted no time in satirizing and creating memes based on the biggest flub in Oscar history.

While La La Land was fun, colorful, and nostalgic, it felt all too done before. It was mainly reminiscent of Old White Hollywood and didn’t push any boundaries, or bring anything new or revolutionary to the table. Moonlight was the underdog to beat - a new American classic about metamorphism, sexuality, race, and identity. Though it was unfortunate La La Land was given a victory only to have it taken away from them moments after, it felt so right to see the cast and crew of Moonlight respectfully given the Oscar they deserved.  

With that being said, here’s the real question: Out of the variety of celebrity reactions to come from the most shocking of live television twists, which one are you? Take the quiz below to find out! 


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